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A grand adventure is laid out before you. Where will the turns in the trail go, and how might it end?

This will be a long story, a tale told over generations on the continent pictured above, and likely years here in our normal, everyday reality. There are many places and pitfalls to wander, and some extraordinary things to see.

Come with me and join the Walk...


Author's Statement

Fellow travelers,

This is my attempt at creating a grand, ongoing narrative, writ over years and centuries — in realtime and storytime, respectively.

In the tradition of Dickens, Tolstoy, Doyle, Wells, and countless others, serialized fiction used to be a common way to publish an ongoing novel. Not only would it engender an audience over its often years of publication, but it would allow readers to participate in the journey of the narrative together.

Reading a novel is usually a solo activity, but I want to try and capture the excitement of everyone coming upon a new chapter, a new direction for the story, and the revelations of fresh characters and old friends alike. I have been dedicating myself to this for two years, not just in writing, but commissioning artwork, creating a professional recording and editing space for audiobook versions of each chapter, and designing and building an ecosystem here to make a community.

If you'd like to support my endeavors here, please consider joining the Patreon, where you will get exclusive benefits and early access to new chapters before they are posted publicly.

This is my moonshot, and I'm humbled and grateful to have your attention for as long as you deem give it.

Thank you for joining the Walk.

Your Journeyman,

John Holowach


Thank you for joining the Walk!

Please check your spam folder for the welcome email if you didn't receive it.

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